The Harmony Series

Will there be more books in the series?

Yes, Caleb and Jax have books in the works and Cassandra and Logan will appear in both. Caleb will release June 16th with Inferno. For Jax I am anticipating a winter release.

Will there be another Logan and Cassandra book?

Yes, I am planning a wedding novella for them before I say goodbye to the Harmony series for good.

Will you write a book with Oliver grown up?

As much as I’d love to see where Oliver’s life leads him, he’s based off my own young son who was 4 when I started the series and I’m not ready for either to grow up. So at this time, no I will not be.

Will Luke and Julia get a book?

They will appear in all the books mentioned above, but at this time, no they will not have their own book.

Will One Naughty Night continue?

At this time there’s no plans for it but you never know. I would love to continue Stormy’s story one day.

Co-written work

What is the reading order of your Provocative Professionals Collection/Erotic Quickies with S.E. Hall?

Stirred Up, Packaged, Handled. They are all stand-alone novels but do tie into each other so we recommend reading in order if possible. Also, Matched which is a full length novel (105k word), ties in 2 characters from Handled but can be read as a stand-alone.

Will there be a full length novel to Kindred?

At this time we know where we want to take the story and if readers enjoy Carly and Vincent’s story we would love to explore it in a full novel.

Will you continue to co-write with S.E. Hall?

Yes, we work great together and I look forward to developing many more stories with her.


Do you do book signings?

Yes, I travel around the country for different events and look forward to meeting you. Please check my events page for cities and dates.

Do you do signings with S.E. Hall?

Yes, although not as many as we’d like so I’ll be sure to add on the event’s page which ones we’ll be at together.