From the New York Times Bestselling Harmony series comes a new standalone novel.

A man of many talents, Caleb Townsend has always lived hard and with no regrets. He knows the game better than most, but plays by his own rules. That includes a calculated hand of poker that opens up enticing new possibilities.
After years spent traveling the world, Caleb finds himself returning to his hometown of Harmony. With a new business to build and an estranged family anticipating his failure, he has everything on the line and no time for distractions.
If only he could convince his body to agree.
It takes one single conversation with the beautiful Hilary Robinson, who he remembers as the shy girl always hanging around when they were kids, to spark an undeniable attraction. And just when the game’s heating up, Hilary raises the stakes and does the unthinkable.
But what she doesn’t know is she’s up against a man who refuses to lose, and is ready to call her bluff.
Some romances burn bright and fizzle fast, but this one’s nothing short of an…inferno.

*Can be read on its own or before/after the other Harmony books.




13 thoughts on “Harmony returns July 28th, 2015

  1. Sandra Castagnola,

    I was so addicted to the Harmony series, I want, more. I want more of Logan…period. What can I expect from Infererno? Please leave Cassandra and Logan in the next book. I haven’t been so attached to a series since The Callahan series.

    1. Comment author Angela Graham,

      You will be seeing Cassandra and Logan in Inferno. ;-) It is Caleb and Hilary’s story though! <3

  2. Anna-Marie Buchner,

    Okay so Inferno will release before Infinite but is it part of your Harmony read and you talked about Jax’s story in your news letter. I’m soooooooo confused. So Jax’s gets his own book or is he in Inferno Please help help help I need to know reading order and possible release dates so I can get this on my spreadsheets I’m dying here really!!!!!!!

    1. Comment author Angela Graham,

      Hi, Inferno will release before Infinite. Inferno is set to release this summer and Infinite is set for the Fall. Jax will get his own story. <3

  3. Pam lisiecki,

    Will inferno or any other Harmony stories ever come about. I just re-read the series, and just wondering. Love the series, wish we knew more about everyone.

  4. Lydia,

    I purchased “Infinite” last year and was so disapointed to find that it was an unedited draft. Is the version offered on the Amazon website now the final version? I would appreciate being able to read the final version without having to pay for it again? I have enjoyed so much of your writing and have long been a fan but please don’t sell unfinished books. Please respond. Thank you, Lydia Ortiz

  5. Denise,

    Angela, is Inferno available to Canadian readers? I have anxiously been awaiting this release. Thanks Denise

  6. Lacey,

    I am dying to read Inferno but can’t find it anywhere! Please help! I want more of the Harmony series!!

  7. Soni Shani,

    Hi, since 2015 i have been wanting to buy Inferno by I cannot find on the amazon site. I had purchased it but my order got cancelled.

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