“Logan, right?” I asked, smiling.

He gave a curt nod. “And you’re Hilary. Now, what the hell was that?”

All the friendliness I’d felt fell away at his hostile tone. “Excuse me?”

Logan’s entire body hovered closer to my door, dipping down to make eye contact through the shadows. “Why the hell did you two run out of Haven like that?”

Is he serious? This guy wasn’t Caleb, the only person who had me fumbling over myself. He was nothing to me. Logan fell under the category of ordinary men, and those I could handle. No way was he about to intimidate me.

“And this is your business because…?”

“If Cassandra’s involved,” he replied, his voice thickening with alarming possession, “it’s my business.”

Something inside me exploded. No way was Cassandra going to go from a cheating asshole to a territorial asshole. Slowly, I unbuckled my seatbelt, allowing my fury time to fester and build. The smart man moved back when I opened my door.

His shoulders fell as I stood in front of him, which was a good move. I was wound tightly and ready to spring if he had anything but Cassandra’s best interest in mind.

My finger shot out and jabbed at his chest. “You listen to me. Whoever the fuck you think you are, you are not about to—”

“Look, I just needed to—” he started, finally seeming to understand that just because he might’ve seen some pansy-ass version of me at Haven tonight that I was more than capable of standing up to those who pissed me off.

“No, you look! That girl in there?” I motioned toward Cassandra’s house, with only one light glowing inside. “She’s my best fucking friend, and I’ve had to stand by and watch one piece of shit rip out her heart and parade it all over this godforsaken town, so if you think for one minute—”

“I get it,” he dared to speak.

“You get it?” My laugh was far from comical. “Really?”


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