My brows pinched tight, slowly recognizing the face emerging from the darkness as Logan’s just as his knuckles rasped on my driver side window.
“Everything alright?” I asked, quickly lowering the window.
“You tell me.” His abrupt reply caught me off guard, colored in something heavy…concern? Irritation?
I followed the subtle glance he gave to Cassandra’s house and instantly understood. My grin was hard pressed to remain in check and considering this was my first actual conversation with the man, I wasn’t in the mood to skip over proper introductions.
“Logan, right?” I said, smiling.
“Correct and you’re Hilary. Now, what the hell was that?”
“Excuse me?” All friendliness dropped away at his hostile tone.
Logan’s entire body hovered closer to the door, dipping down to make eye contact through the shadows. “Why. The. Hell. Did you two run out of Haven like that?”
This guy wasn’t Caleb, the only man who could twist my tongue. Logan fell in the category of ordinary men and those I could handle. No way was he about to intimidate me.
“And this is your business because…”
“If Cassandra’s involved,” His voice thickened with alarming possession. “It’s my business.”

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