Infinite is LIVE!

I am happy to bring you the newest release in my Harmony Series. Infinite is a Wedding Companion to the series. To avoid spoilers I would recommend reading Inevitable first.

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If you haven’t read Inevitable yet it’s FREE!




Some dreams are forever just that: a longing void never filled, the desire for something always out of reach. It’s only when fate steps in that your world can be forever changed.
Lovers enter your life in many different forms—a young crush, or an unavoidable collision. Some are hopeless encounters, others sculpting experiences.
But when your soul finds its mate, the bond is…Infinite.

bride under veil


“What you have on is fine,” Logan laughed, reading my thoughts as I stood in front of the long mirror.

“Let’s go.” He pulled me against him, placing a gentle kiss on my lips, giving my shoulders an encouraging rub.

There was a car out front, no driver despite the fact that the heavily tinted windows and sleek black design seemed more car service than rental. With nervous trepidation, I climbed in past the open door Logan held for me and decided to try and at least enjoy the drive.

Said drive was shorter than I expected, but still gave a memorable enough view of the Vegas desert to appreciate. Logan pulled off a main road entering a nice middle class subdivision. The houses were no more than a decade or two old and all complete with the same size, tiny, perfectly manicured patches of lawn surrounding them. I sat back in my seat, fully relaxed, wondering what it would be like to live in such a hot place when the car began to slow.

Finding whatever he was looking for, he parked along the curb in front of a beautiful two story home. More puzzled than ever, I glanced around searching for any clue as to where we were. I suddenly wished breakfast would have included a mimosa because if he about to reveal a secret love child, I was nowhere near prepared.

Logan was eerily quiet, just holding my hand, rubbing his thumb along my knuckles.

“Logan, w…what are we doing?”

“This side, sweetheart.” He pointed out his window at the house across the street, much smaller but just as nice. “Just wait and you’ll see.”

And finally, I did see…icy realization moving over me in an unsettling cloak.

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